8-Week Class Confirmation

I am so excited to share my design experience with your child.
This is a fun 8-week FASHION DESIGN class for kids who
would like to create their very own unique couture design.
The only thing additional purchase you will need is your child’s fabrics
and trims. All other supplies will be furnished in class.
Every class I offer the opportunity to shop for fabrics and trims with
me in the garment district in downtown Los Angeles.
I will be in the store waiting for the kids and will help them finalize their designs and select their fabrics/trims. Please check the message board for details.
This truly is a very memorable experience and I hope to see all the
young designers at the fabric store. As part of the experience, I really encourage them to work within a budget (as it really is in the fashion world) of $35-40 dollars.
Of course, it is not mandatory if a parent wishes to spend more.
If you are unable to attend the shopping trip, please take a look
Also, I provide a light snack at the beginning of class for the sessions that begin at 3:15 or 2:00. If your child has any allergies please plan on sending a snack along with her. Please be considerate when selecting your snack that it is not a potential stain for the fabrics.
I have to ask that the girls do not bring ice cream, slurpies,
jamba juices, pop cycles, starbucks, candy or GUM etc. because of the
projects and fabrics in the studio. Thank you for your understanding.
Please feel free to Email or call me anytime with any questions you may have.
I can’t wait to see what they come up with!
Lisa Tyler
Manhattan Design Boutique



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