Camp Confirmation

I am so excited to share my design experience with your child.
This is a fun FASHION DESIGN one week camp for kids who would like to create their very own unique couture design.
We help trend-setting young fashion designers to research
trends, fashion sketch, pattern, cut and sew, stylize, and present their own
unique couture designs at a Finale Fashion Runway Show.
Camps are held at 952 Manhattan Beach Blvd. Suite 120,
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266.
All supplies are included in class. Please reassure your young designer that
she/he will do great and no experience is necessary.
Also, I provide a snack midway during class (it usually a bagel, muffin or
English muffin with apples or carrots). If your child has any allergies please
plan on sending a snack along with her. Please be considerate when selecting
your snack that it is not a potentially staining snack for the fabrics.
I have to ask that the girls do not bring ice cream, slurpies, jamba juices,
pop cicles, starbucks etc. because of the projects and fabrics in the studio. Thank you for your understanding.
The finale Fashion Runway Show will be held Friday Evening at 6 PM at 317
2nd Street, Manhattan Beach on the Upper Deck.
Please drop your designer off at 5:15 PM
for a quick rehearsal run through. All family and friends are
cordially invited to the runway show.
I can’t wait to see what they come up with!
Lisa Tyler
Manhattan Design Boutique
(310) 529-1970