Thanksgiving  Camp - 2 Day

Thanksgiving Camp - 2 Day

November 25th-26th

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This is your young fashion designer’s opportunity to experience what it is like to be part of a “real” design room and try his/her hand at creating their very own unique couture design.  During the camp your Young Fashion Designer will research trends, sketch, pattern, cut/sew, accessorize, have their own personal fashion photo shoot.  All supplies for their project will be provided.  We also offer a light snack (i.e. muffin and carrots)  but you are welcome to pack them their own snack/lunch.



2 Day Camp November 25th-26th (9AM-3PM)

   ** Project will be simplified due to less hours to complete

Monday 9AM-3PM

Tuesday 9AM-3PM with Photo Shoot starting at 3 PM




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